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The Rodeo Rose

Tooled Leather Patch Cap Western Cowgirl Rodeo Cowboy: Denim and Mustard

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Hand tooled Leather Patch Cap The new beaded collection features a hand-tooled turquoise border that is hand-painted with multiple colors of turquoise. The patches come in two different patterns, The Pansy and The Daisy. These patterns are exclusive to The Rodeo Rose. This beautiful cap's patch is hand tooled with a Pansy, beaded center. The beaded border is painted with four different tones to match each cap. Sewn onto the ever-popular Richardson 115 hat. These caps are easy to clean and easy to wear. They are the perfect cowgirl hat! ***Care Instructions- To clean patch- If your patch gets muddy, let the mud dry, then gently brush with a soft dry brush to get rid of dust and dried mud or other debris.